By Margaret Jane Jones



A fathom deep in hushed waters

Along the coast of sun-kissed bay,

Then up a lazy river way,

There slips a shadow long and gray.


Like a phantom it dips and glides

In silent ease, and now itslides

With flippered thrust up-up to where

It breathes a breath of freshened air.


When its curious face bobs out,

Wrinkled and wet with whiskered snout

And hintof smile, though somewhat odd,

It blinks an eye with winsome nod.


It surfs and plays along the shoal,

Then sinks below with body roll

To patch of plants on which it feeds,

An evening feast of water weeds.


Past mangrove isle and lost lagoon,

‘Neath noonday sun and midnight moon,

Forever onward, wild and free,

Far roams the noble Manatee.


COPYRIGHT© 2010-2012
Margaret Jane Jones.
All Rights Reserved.